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Make My Hoodie, Part 2

In this conclusion to the Make My Hoodie series, we’ll look at fit, some samples I made, as well as pattern alterations to make this hoodie even more beginner-friendly than it already is.


The thing that made me most curious about MakeMyPattern was the fit.  How well would a computer-generated pattern fit me out of the box?

The answer: pretty well for the first attempt, well enough that I’m inclined to stick with it.  Here’s some self-timer fashion photos of my first sample.

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The Chevron Latte Shirt, Part 3

Finally, the Chevron Latte Shirt is complete!

This shirt was a lot of work.  Not only was the detail work intricate, but other items such as the collar, pocket and cuffs gave me problems during assembly – and as I covered in Part 2, the front pocket was a complete re-do.

(Click or tap for closeups of any of the photos).


The pattern alterations worked well. The tightness across the front of the shirt is gone, and the shoulder slope adjustment has eliminated the drag lines from shoulder to chest.  This photo does show a minor wrinkle line running from left shoulder to center front, but it’s more of a fluke the way the shirt was laying when the photo was taken.

The fit is especially good considering my shoulders are asymmetrical, and I will never get an exact fit without making what’s called a “complete pattern” – separate pattern pieces tailored for right and left.  Truthfully, I don’t think I need to.

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