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The Road to Pants, Part 2

In this article, I’m covering my experience using Wild Ginger’s PatternMaster software to digitize my pants pattern and to create detail pieces such as a new waistband.

I originally thought this series of articles on digital pattern drafting would run for two parts, but it will be at least three – especially since much of this article is a capsule review of Wild Ginger’s PatternMaster software.

About Wild Ginger

Wild Ginger Software has been in business for over 20 years developing their fashion design software.  Their main product is PatternMaster, and its professional cousin Cameo.  Cameo has a four-digit price tag, so I’m working with PatternMaster – their product for home sewers. Continue reading

The Road to Pants, Part 1

This past week, I’ve been doing the pattern work to move from a fitting muslin to a working pants pattern.

My original intention was to scan my paper pattern and move it into Wild Ginger software on the PC for the remainder of the pattern work.  That was not to be; the monitor on my PC decided to go defective, and it took a week’s worth of on-and-off troubleshooting to conclusively narrow it down as the source of the problem.  My PC was unusable during this time.

So, I went ahead and made most of the pattern alterations by hand, with paper and pencil.  I started by making a fresh tracing of the pattern for Muslin G. Continue reading

Muslin G is the Charm (“Vogue 8940”, Round 7)

I’ll bet you’re all enjoying my pants-fitting saga so much, you’re wishing it will never end!

So I hope I don’t disappoint you by presenting the final (?) chapter in the story.

Muslin F

Picking up from Round 6, I prepared Muslin F, based on all the changes I had hacked into Muslin E. Let’s take a look.

start here Continue reading

Dreaming of Fitting (“Vogue 8940” Pants, Round 6)

Time for a long-overdue update on my work with pants fitting. The project has gone slower than I would have liked, between a combination of work-related issues, and life events (fun ones!) that have kept me from the sewing room.

But it’s now time to post an update on where I stand with the pants, and also about my experiences working with Sarah Veblen as a “fitting coach”.  I’ll cover my experience working with Sarah over two blog posts; this is the first. Continue reading

Vogue 8940 Pants Fitting, Round 5

My quest to find the perfect fitting pair of pants continues, but work-related drama has been consuming my time and energy.  So apologies for the slowdown here on the blog, and I hope this is only a temporary state of affairs.

I thought this round of alterations was going to take me very close to something ideal, or at least something I would move to a test pair with.  Instead, I was very disappointed with the changes I’ve made and I feel like I’ve taken some steps backwards.

But first, let’s go over what I did to the pattern after Muslin D, before we talk about what didn’t work out.

Muslin E

Here’s Muslin D deconstructed, pressed, and laid out on my work table.  The front piece (to the right) has two different front crotch curves I experimented with, and the back piece has a  back crotch curve that has been scooped a little bit more.  You can also just see see the purple markings where I added to the back crotch by letting out at the inseam.  The side seams are also marked where I pinned out excess curvature at the hip.

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