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Final Hoodies: The Conclusion (McCall’s 5252, part 8)

Finally, my hoodie project comes to a close!


What I thought would be a few-week project instead turned into a multi-month project.  I took a few breaks in the middle, but still it turned out to be a bigger project than I thought.

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McCall’s 5252 Hoodie, Part 3: Muslin Complete

It took me a while, but I finished the muslin for my hoodie project this past weekend.  Between a busy work schedule and weekend events, it’s been difficult to squeeze in sewing time lately!

I can say I can definitely call this hoodie a muslin, because it was difficult to make and it is filled with mistakes.  Most of them I was able to fix, but the end result is something I can charitably call a “learning experience”.


Most of the angst in this pattern comes from the pockets.  Nearly every other sweatshirt pattern in existence has simple patch pockets flush with the waistband and front zipper.  But this pattern actually incorporates on-seam pocket bags inside the jacket, shown in this inside view:

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McCall’s 5252 Hoodie, Part 2

Today I spent some time in the Line of Selvage Design Studio (my basement) settling on a design for my hoodie.

The Real Project

I plan to make a muslin to test pattern sizing, since it is reported to run so large. Since I have both black and grey sweatshirt fleece, I want to have some color blocking fun with it.

But while rifling through my fabric stash for some fabric to use for pocketing, I came across this discovery:

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