McCall’s 5252 Hoodie: Muslin Pics

I didn’t want to keep my readers waiting, so here’s a few quick pics I snapped of the finished hoodie with my phone.  It came out looking much nicer than all of the mistakes would lead you to believe.  I haven’t yet worn it out of the house, but my coworkers want me to wear it to work next week.




The drawstrings are a feature I added to the pattern. The drawstring cord and the cord stops came from WAWAK sewing supplies.  I was just barely able to use a small safety pin as a bodkin to thread the cord through the grommets on the hoodie.

The drawstring cord immediately unravels when cut.  I knotted the ends, but it looks a little amateurish; instead, I’d like to fashion some real “aglets”, those little things at the very tips of shoelaces that keep the cord together.  Ian’s Shoelace Site seems to be the best resource on the Internet for making your own aglets, with several types of construction methods.

Next Time

Maybe some modeling photos of the hoodie, and on to the next hoodie.

7 thoughts on “McCall’s 5252 Hoodie: Muslin Pics

  1. Josie

    Great job. I love it. You work hard for this. It turn out great. So happy for you.
    I am thinking about making one by tracing one of my favorite RTW hoodie. You inspire me to go for it. Now that I am in CA.
    Still chilly out here to me.

  2. Wil

    Wow! This is a handsome hoodie. I like the colors. Hard to believe this is a muslin. I would like to see how you made the cuffs.

    1. mportuesisf Post author


      I didn’t talk about the cuffs, but there is an interesting story to tell there and I do have a photo or two to share. So I’ll write that up soon.

  3. John Yingling

    How did you do your hems? Looks like a coverstitch finish. Hoodie looks good, except the pocket opening looks a little low, the bottom end finishing at the hem. Would work better at least 2 or 3 inches above the hem. And you might think about dyeing your drawcords navy blue, which you could do with a mixture of black and navy Rit dye, stovetop method.

    1. mportuesisf Post author


      Yes, the hems along the waistline and the hood were done with a coverstitch machine. The pocket placement is per the pattern, and I agree with you that it is too low. I’m revising the pockets entirely for the next one. And it never occurred to me to dye the drawcords navy blue!!! Obvious!


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