Men’s Shirt Pattern: Simplicity 2741

s2741_cover_smSimplicity 2741 is one of these “grab bag” patterns with several types of garments: in this case, boxers, vests and shirts. I originally bought this pattern to do the boxer shorts as part of the MPB Boxers Sew-Along, and they came out nicely, if a maybe a tad too big.

Originally, when I bought the pattern I also thought I’d try out the vest and shirt, and I even went so far as to trace the shirt pattern. But I’ve decided I’m probably not going to try the shirt pattern any time soon.

First off, the fit is big and boxy. I’ve done a couple of Simplicity patterns at this point: 2015 for a sweatshirt and 2328 for pajamas. Every time they come out oversized. Just look at the model on the pattern envelope; the poor guy looks like he’s wearing a tent or a potato sack.

At this point, I’m not afraid to take on the pattern alterations, but I’m not sure I want to bother when even the basic shape isn’t very flattering.

Anyway, some of the more interesting features of this pattern. You can click on the pictures to see a larger version:

Continuous Lap

s2741_lapThe shirt does not have a full tower placket; instead, it uses a “Continuous Lap” which from what I can gather (in Pam Howard’s class) is basically a binding for the raw edge of the placket that is cut into the sleeve. I don’t ever recall seeing this in any RTW (ready-to-wear) shirt I’ve come across. I want to learn how to do a real tower placket. Coffin’s book covers tower plackets, and Pam Howard offers a YouTube tutorial.


s2741_sleeve_detailDetail shot of the sleeve end. The sleeve is all one piece, with lines for pleats and dotted lines where the placket should be cut.


s2741_collarThe shirt has just one collar piece, that you use for both the upper (outer-facing) and the underside of the collar.  According to Pam Howard, the underside piece should actually be about 1/8 inch smaller, so that the upper collar will “turn the cloth” and give you a nice rolled edge without the underside showing.  A small detail that Simplicity probably omitted, this being an “Easy to Sew” pattern.

Patch Pocket

s2741_pocketThe patch pocket on the front is a simple square. No angles or curves to present an edgestitiching challenge.


s2741_yokeFinally, the shirt does include a yoke, which I definitely want as it is part of the construction in both the Craftsy class and the Shirt Sew-Along. Plus, according to Coffin it is a standard part of any dress shirt.


Overall, this is an okay, basic shirt.  I even appreciated the “simplicity” (har, har) of this pattern when put next to the others. But the styling is ho-hum, and they’ve cut a few corners feature-wise to make the shirt less complicated to sew.  I’d like to learn shirt construction without the training wheels up front.



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