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The Peppermint Stick Boxers

The Sips N Sews studio, where I do a lot of my project work, offers several beginner’s sewing classes. One of them is a “pajama shorts” class, otherwise known as boxer shorts.

Jess, the Sips N Sews operations manager, showed me the assembly steps for the pattern used in the class. I had about a yard of spare fabric after completing the Peppermint Stick Shirt, so I made matching boxers.

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The Peppermint Stick Shirt

I’ve been working on what was intended to be a “test shirt” for my Pink Shirt pattern, to make sure there were no mistakes in drafting out the feature details.

Along the way, I realized it was a bit of a shame to call it the “Study for the Pink Shirt”. It was turning out to be a beautiful shirt in its own right, that I knew I was going to enjoy wearing. I also noticed the stripe pattern looks just like a candy cane. And the buttons I chose look like cinnamon candies.

So here I present some photos of the completed Peppermint Stick Shirt.

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