Monthly Archives: August 2012

Welcome to the Line of Selvage

I almost didn’t create this blog.  Then I created it.  Then I almost deleted it.  And now I’m writing my first post.

The complete story of how I took up sewing as a hobby is a subject for future posts, but it started in earnest with a gift this past Christmas – a Brother PC-210 sewing machine.  After staring blankly at it for a few days – I’ve never been intimidated by technology before – I finally went to the fabric store to buy fabric and notions. My first project was two pillows to replace the ones that were falling apart in my living room. And since then I’ve been teaching myself sewing.

The name of the blog, Line of Selvage, is a melding of  1) the “selvage”, or the strip of  finish of the ends of  the fabric as it comes off the bolt and 2) the “line of scrimmage”, a term for the point at which two teams meet on the field in a game of American football.  For me sometimes, the art of sewing seems like a faceoff between myself on one side, and the fabric, sewing machine, patterns and notions on the other.

Please stick around for the parade of projects to follow! I hope you enjoy them.