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Weekend Duffel: Tips for Success (Part 6)

I thought my previous article in the Weekend Duffel series, showing the finished product, was the end of it.

But I got a comment from a reader named Toby, who found my blog via Craftsy:

I have just started this course, am on the second or third video now … the bag looks HARD and I can see it will be a challenge for me.

I’ve never understood sewists who shy away from certain types of projects altogether because they appear too difficult. I like to undertake difficult projects, because I learn new skills, improve old ones, and I have a sense of satisfaction when the job is done. And even if I fail, the project is not a waste because i have learned something.

While I didn’t feel Toby was going to run away from the project, I was compelled to provide some words of encouragement. And I realized that my comments might be helpful to anyone tackling this project, so I’m creating a blog post from them. Continue reading

The Duffels Are Complete (Weekend Duffel, Part 5)

At long last, my Weekend Duffel Project has come to an end.

Actually, I finished them last weekend.

960x720_GOPR0016Photographs I make with the artificial lighting in my home always look terrible; I prefer natural light but am at work on weekdays.  This past Thursday, I took the bags to work and photographed them in the beautiful natural light my office gets. Continue reading