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Some special deals

Sorry for the absence here – I haven’t given up my summer wardrobe project, though (predictably) summer is now almost at an end!  The first of the shirts came off the assembly line last weekend and I wore them, along with my shorts, this past week. Photos will be up here shortly.

Site Administrivia

I’ve recently run into some problems with this blog – Google has started informing me of a high error rate while indexing this site, and my hosting provider is telling me that the site is consuming too much of their resources and will suspend my account if the situation continues.

This site runs on WordPress, and though I deal with website development on a professional basis, I have close to zero interest in care and feeding of websites like this one when I’m outside work. I’d rather be sewing new projects than tweaking blogs like this one, and a big reason I chose WordPress is that it has push-button solutions for almost everything. Continue reading

The Breakfast Club Wardrobe, Part 8: Shorts!

Over the weekend, I finished the shorts I made as a wearable muslin for my pattern alterations.  Let’s check out the finished product.

The Construction

I didn’t take any shortcuts in the construction, unless you count my use of the serger to finish seams instead of binding.  I’m really pleased with the way they turned out, construction-wise.

(Click/tap on any photos for a larger view).


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