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Men’s Shirt Pattern: McCall’s 6613

m6613_cover_smMcCall’s 6613 has to be the most unique of the four patterns here. First of all, look at that cover photo. I think there’s something going on.

Secondly, this pattern is made by the duo of Pati Palmer and Susan Pletsch. Not only are they well-known pattern designers, they also have their own pattern fitting system that’s described in a series of books called “Fit for Real People” and its companion “Pants for Real People”. This pattern not only is designed around their pattern fitting system, it even includes a special set of instructions describing the basics of their method:

m6613_fitting_sheetI checked out “Fit for Real People” from the library recently, and though it definitely has some useful info I decided that the book, and the approach, were not my cup of tea. (That’s a topic for another post). But here, we’re looking at what this shirt pattern has to offer. On the surface, it seems similar to McCall’s 6044, but there’s one big difference: this pattern is unisex! Continue reading

Men’s Shirt Pattern: McCall’s 6044

m6044_cover_smI think what first attracted me to this pattern was seeing it modeled in this post at BurdaStyle. Both the styling and the fabric choice looked great on the “boyfriend” who was fortunate to get the finished shirt!  I even purchased some blue plaid shirting fabric that’s somewhat similar to what’s exhibited there.

Unfortunately, while I still intend to make this shirt at some point in the future, I won’t be making it for the class.  Here’s a breakdown (again, click/tap on any photo for a larger version):


m6044_yoke_b m6044_yokeI was disappointed to find that most views of the design don’t include a yoke.  Of the five views presented, only View E has a yoke, and as you can see here it’s an oddball: a two-piece western-style yoke. This is a very casual shirt, which is fine, but not what I was looking for as a learning exercise because I want to do the yoke and the only option presented here is something I’m not crazy about. Continue reading

Men’s Shirt Pattern: Simplicity 2741

s2741_cover_smSimplicity 2741 is one of these “grab bag” patterns with several types of garments: in this case, boxers, vests and shirts. I originally bought this pattern to do the boxer shorts as part of the MPB Boxers Sew-Along, and they came out nicely, if a maybe a tad too big.

Originally, when I bought the pattern I also thought I’d try out the vest and shirt, and I even went so far as to trace the shirt pattern. But I’ve decided I’m probably not going to try the shirt pattern any time soon.

First off, the fit is big and boxy. I’ve done a couple of Simplicity patterns at this point: 2015 for a sweatshirt and 2328 for pajamas. Every time they come out oversized. Just look at the model on the pattern envelope; the poor guy looks like he’s wearing a tent or a potato sack.

At this point, I’m not afraid to take on the pattern alterations, but I’m not sure I want to bother when even the basic shape isn’t very flattering.

Anyway, some of the more interesting features of this pattern. You can click on the pictures to see a larger version: Continue reading