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The Breakfast Club WARDROBE, Part 2

This article was supposed to be all about showing you the shirt muslin I made from McCall’s 6613, and the adjustments I was going to make.

A funny thing happened along the way: Browsing the forums at Pattern Review, I discovered they have a Mini Wardrobe Contest happening for the month of July.  Since the whole point of this project was to build up my summer wardrobe, the contest seemed like a good thing to do.

My original plan was to modify the pattern, then produce about five or so shirts.  The new plan is to produce three shirts and two pairs of pants, in accordance with the contest rules. Continue reading

The Breakfast Club Shirt, Part 1

Hello everyone! I have lots of small stories to share today, but one of them is a big new project.

The Wool Felt Cellphone Case

I thought my Wool Felt Techie Cover project was complete – I had really only purchased enough fabric to make cases for the laptop and tablet. But I noticed there was enough of the berry pink fabric left over to make a case for my cellphone.  So here it is.

IMG_1285 Continue reading