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Shut it down! Shut it all down! (Breakfast Club, part 9)

The blog says my last post here was over a month ago.  I got so wrapped up in wanting to prepare something for you all, and then I lost track of time.

Last time I promised interesting developments, but even I didn’t know what they were. The good news is that two of my three shirts are completed, and I can share photos of them with you along with some construction notes. But let’s start with the bad news.

Technical Difficulties

Currently, my sewing machine (a Brother PC-210PRW) is sitting at the sewing machine store, awaiting the technicians to inspect it and give me a service estimate. Continue reading

The Breakfast Club Wardrobe, Part 4: Shirt Muslin

I’m pleased to report some great progress on the shirt muslin for my wardrobe project! But first, some more pants-related stuff.

More Fabric Follies

I went back to Fabric Outlet to buy the mocha pants fabric I had picked out. Upon grabbing the bolt, I realized the fabric was too lightweight to make a proper pair of pants.

So I left the store with two more swatches, both of which turned out great. But in the end I had to pick just one.

  • The loser: This cocoa dark brown twill, which was a great match for the shirtings, but didn’t seem very “summery” to me.

IMG_1338 Continue reading

The Breakfast Club Wardrobe, Part 3: More Fabrics

OK, so I don’t have my muslins done yet.

But I did leave work quickly at 6 this evening to get to Fabric Outlet before they closed.  With 30 minutes to go, I rifled through their bolts of cotton twills and linens. I used up my limit of five swatches in search of a fabric/color selection for the second pair of pants in the Breakfast Club Wardrobe.

Herewith are the candidates, and my final selection.

Selection 1: Purple Linen

This purple linen looks smashing against the yellow and blue fabric. Against the purple shirting, it’s too matchy-matchy, but would have made a strong impression nonetheless.

IMG_1301 Continue reading