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The Chambray Comfy Shirt, Part 2

Hi everyone.  In today’s installment of the Chambray Comfy Shirt, I get the muslin put together and get it ready to fit on the subject.

The Extension Table

This project inaugurates a new sewing gadget. I purchased the Wide Table accessory for my sewing machine from  Judging from the Amazon reviews, this extension table seems to be popular with quilters, but maybe that’s because so many people quilt these days.


The motivation for purchasing the table comes from the Craftsy class, Sew Better, Sew Faster featuring Janet Pray.  The table supports the fabric in the vicinity of the feed dogs, preventing it from drifting and pulling, which can distort seams.  Additionally, the additional flat surface leading into the feed dogs allows you to better align the fabric and sew it without using pins. Continue reading

The Chambray Comfy Shirt, Part 1

In the midst of all my work drama, this weekend opened up for me to work on some projects.

I’m entering the PatternReview Men’s Challenge, from now through August 15.  The plan is to make a men’s shirt for my partner, Jim.  A few weeks ago, at Fabric Outlet’s 40% off sale, I found this cut of soft Chambray print that is very “him”.   He has several shirts in his wardrobe that have a similar theme and vibe, and this was a a good excuse to make him a shirt.  Plus, it is a chance to try out fitting techniques on someone other myself.

IMG_1466 Continue reading