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Boxerbriefs Progress Report

Time for a report on the boxerbriefs project.

Truth be told, this may be a project where I have bitten off more I can chew. I’m making a total of 20 pair assembly-line style, which means a lot of repetitive work, and each step takes a long time. Plus, it’s been several months ssince I began this project, and my enthusiasm has defintely evaporated since the project began. But, I don’t like UFO projects and so finish this I will.

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My Crazy Coverstitch Machine

If you’ve been following this blog carefully (and who wouldn’t?) you may have noticed that I made a T-shirt, but didn’t use my new coverstitch machine to sew up the hems.  I did the hems using a zig-zag stitch on my conventional machine.

That’s because the coverstitch machine it’s now on its way back to Amazon.

My first clue that something might be wrong with the machine happened as soon as the package arrived. It was shipped by Amazon in the original manufacturer’s box, and was not placed inside another box with padding, as my previous machine purchases have been.

Two sides of the box were ripped during shipment, the side closest to the presser foot/needle taking the most damage. The rip didn’t make it past the inside styrofoam, but this is highly unusual for Amazon shipping.

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