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Jeans Part 7: Waistband

Before I move on with my Jeans project, I just have to get one thing out of the way.

My boyfriend Jim says my jeans “look like Toughskins”.

Anybody who lived through the ’70s knows how truly terrifying Sears Toughskins jeans were. My mother dutifully ordered Toughskins from the Sears catalog every year for back-to-school.  The styling was totally dumpy, even for the ’70s. The fabric was made of wood fiber and sandpaper.  And my mother ordered them for me in the “Husky” size.

Childhood nightmares revisited

Jim told his mother flat-out he wouldn’t wear Toughskins. I wasn’t quite so smart.  I just wore them and looked like biggest nerd in school.

Let’s just see what Jim gets the next time I sew him something. Continue reading